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Tinplate Steel

Flat products include plates, hot-rolled strip and sheets, and cold-rolled strip and sheets; all have a great variety of surface conditions. They are rolled from slabs, which are considered a semi finished product and are normally not sold. Provided by either a continuous caster or rolled from ingots by a slabbing mill, slabs are 50 to 250 millimeters thick, 0.6 to 2.6 meters wide, and up to 12 meters long (that is, 2 to 10 inches thick, 24 to 104 inches wide, and up to 40 feet long).

Plates are hot-rolled either from slabs or directly from ingots. Maximum dimensions vary with available slab sizes or ingot weights and with the sizes of installed rolling mills and auxiliary equipment. Thickness can be as low as 5 millimeters, but it is usually heavier (e.g., 25 millimeters) and can go as high as 200 millimeters.

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Tinplate (ETP)

Tin Free Steel (TFS)

Tin Mill Black Plate